Author Services

Client Testimonials:

"Apart from the usual comments I would expect, Erica was able to tell me exactly which scenes needed expanding and which were missing. Her evaluation of my manuscript was the work of an intelligent reader. My manuscript changed for the better once I adopted her suggestions and I can honestly say that it is a richer and more engaging story thanks to her thoughtful and kind input. I highly recommend her. you won't be disappointed."
- Cassia Hall author of Summer Lights, Fall Lanterns & Silvermist 

"Erica does great work on images for marketing and social media sharing. She has an eye for balance and color and keeps readability in mind. She set up the author images for the spring anthology and the layout looks great!"
- Rebecca Fuentes author featured in A Season for Romance Spring Blossoms anthology

"I think of your replies as if... I'm putting together a quilt and you are able to hold it to the light and show me the holes.  I'm learning very much from your commentaries. Excellent stuff. Can't believe this is the end. The last few weeks have been a jambalaya of emotions: the excitement of preparing the next chapters for your latest review, the dread of not being able to keep one chapter ahead, the triumph of learning from your comments, the sadness of losing an excuse to jot you lines of self-pity. You have been great working with me, taking my newbie questions, and thoughtfully answering them."
- David Basinski author of The Vet's Apprentice