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For fans of The Twilight Zone and Ray Bradbury.

Wander into tales of the unknown. From ghosts and monsters to inner demons, supernatural abilities mix with the paranormal to bring nightmares to life in these pages.

Dive into these tales if you dare, and heed the warning—turn on the light. Sometimes you have to toss the book across the room to stop the demons escaping. Just don’t drop this one under the bed, who knows what will spill out.

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haunted hearts horror love stories by erica damon

Haunted Hearts 

These aren’t your typical romances, and you won’t find a traditional happily ever after here, but does that mean a ghost doesn’t love? Or that a murderer can’t share a tender moment with a vigilante hero? Can the undead recognize their past lover?

If these characters were living, law-abiding citizens, these would be sweet tales of romance to page through over tea. Instead, you may want to turn on the lights, check the basement, and double lock the door before settling down to enjoy.

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eBook Short Stories

a little kowledge magial realism suspense by erica damon

A Little Knowledge 

Tucker used to be a normal kid, but lately he’s been getting these thoughts. Wouldn’t it be weird…? He doesn’t think much of it, but the thoughts keep coming, and they keep manifesting into the real world. Can he tell his family? His friends? Will anyone believe him? Is he crazy? Can he trust these intrusive thoughts... with his life?

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onelost night suspense thriller short story by erica damon

One Lost Night 

David can't remember what he did last night, he only remembers being stopped by a bike. Savannah has a problem that needs solving and she's getting creative. After her shift at the diner she puts her plan into motion and David is the perfect mark.

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The Monster of Old Lincoln Road

Zayd can handle a night watchman gig, he isn’t afraid of a few coyotes. But something menacing is prowling the woods on Old Lincoln Road and his campfire is about to go out.

A silent forest.
An unexplained shadow.
Who, or what, is watching him?

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Share Your Scare Volume 4

My story Winter Demons was selected for Lulu's Halloween Anthology

Paperback can be found HERE

eBook found HERE 

ASfR: Spring Blossoms

My sci-fi romance story Sixteen Months and Light-years Away can be found in Sand Kittens Press A Season For Romance: Spring Blossoms anthology.

eBook available HERE 

ASfR: Summer Simmer

Another of my sci-fi romances 'Someday' can be found in the Summer Simmer anthology by Sand Kittens Press.

eBook available HERE


The third edition of  Alone In A Room With Invisible People Halloween podcast halloween podcast  features my story Turn On The Light. It can be found HERE. My story plays at 32:40 

For the second edition my story The Corn maze is featured on the Alone In A Room With Invisible People Halloween podcast. It can be found HERE. My story plays at 1:48:54 

My flash story Perfect Recreations was chosen to be performed on the Alone In A Room With Invisible People Halloween Edition podcast. It can be found HERE My story plays at 1:27:30

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