according to plan psychological suspense thriller by erica damon

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon meets YOU.

According to Plan: a psychological suspense thriller.

Laura’s assistant Jared is obsessed with her, and after being fired he uses his newly free time to learn her routines. No matter how she says no, his advances keep getting bolder.

Laura soon realizes that the women she thought were friends are actually team Jared—he’s funny and likable while Laura is reserved. Of course they don’t believe that he is stalking her, and without a tangible threat, the police can’t help either.

 Now, she has an elaborate plan to fake her death. When everything goes wrong, she finds herself lost in the forest, and her notes tell people not to look for her. But one person is looking for her. Jared’s formed a plan of his own and he is hunting her—to prove they were meant to be. By any means necessary. 

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Excite a college campus crime thriller by erica damon

Limitless meets Flatliners.

Excite: a college campus crime thriller

Jon is just another dissertation student until the hypothetical drug that he and his partner Isaac are working on turns into a real pill. Except it doesn't do quite what they intended. When they realize that it has the potential to be the next great party drug they are split. Jon's girlfriend Kat is pushing him to take it to the streets but his partner wants nothing to do with it. Isaac just wants to finish their thesis.

 But Jon can never say no to Kat and together they start showing the little pink pill off at parties. The drug spreads like wildfire through the college campus. It’s almost too easy; the demand keeps rising, the money flows in, and the parties are getting bigger. Can they keep it together or will chasing the high bring them crashing down? 

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