according to plan psychological suspense thriller by erica damon

A gripping stalker thriller that will give you chills. For fans of Caroline Kepnes and Freida McFadden. 

 As soon as Laura closes her front door, there is no going back to her old life. She’s determined to leave behind the catty office, the inattentive bosses, and most importantly, her menacing stalker, Jared. 

He’s become obsessed. Flirting, turning up at her favorite coffee place, sending her dozens and dozens of texts, emails, photos… He won’t take no for an answer, but no one believes her, let alone offers to help, so she has to take things into her own hands.

Studying is her thing, and she’s done her research; new phone, new name, new job. She has it all worked out to escape Jared’s increasingly threatening advances. 

The life she’s dreamed of is within reach. She just has to make it out of town. But her route through the woods may be just as dangerous as the man tracking her. Can she make it to freedom, or will Jared catch up with her right when she’s most vulnerable?

Follow Laura in this cat-and-mouse game that Jared has her trapped in and find out if her inner strength can outweigh his obsession.

According to Plan
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according to plan psychological suspense thriller by erica damon
according to plan psychological suspense thriller by erica damon


"I personally loved Jared, yes, I know I'm calling my therapist after I get done posting this. . . The Cat and Mouse game the two play throughout this book is intense and feels so real... Love books that can cause such in-depth thought-provoking ideas. I want to read more from Erica because at the end of this read, I was speechless!"

ShutUpandBookUp blog — 5 stars (read full review here) 

"I devoured this story, unable to look away from the terror as it played across the page. This was beautifully written and so empowering. I love that Laura found herself and her strength when she needed to the most. This was a powerful book, written in alternating perspectives, and it will captivate you from start to finish."

KKEC Reads — 5 Stars (read the full review here) 

"Jared's voice as he went on his long, entitled, deranged diatribes was so powerful, creepy, and, for many women, way too familiar. I think his commentary throughout this book really takes it up to the next level, and Damon really nailed that voice. It was wonderful. I often found myself with goosebumps when reading his chapters."

Shayna Lambert — 5 stars (read full review here) 

"A very terse and suspenseful psychological thriller. Really well-paced, creepy and ominous - I flew through it. The dual POV’s work really well to highlight the interplay of the complex, deeply flawed characters. You know the whole time that nothing good will come of their relationship, but it’s so well-crafted you have no choice to keep turning the pages. Highly recommend."

Andrew Turner - 5 stars GoodReads Review

"Yes, this is a suspenseful story on one level, but it’s more than that. It’s a deep dive into a stalker’s mind. You’re getting a close-up of a sociopath, and it’s chilling... That there is social commentary woven into the story is merely the icing on the cake."

Cassia Hall — 5 stars (read full review here) 

"A really good read, a situation that is frighteningly all too possible. This is one of those can't put down books. I am privileged to have been able to read it. From a psychological aspect, it reminds me of some of Dean Koontz's earlier works."

Quintin Snell — 5 stars GoodReads Review 

"This book was really good! I thoroughly enjoyed it! The edge of your seat action and the eerieness from being stalked to being lost in the woods had me having all the feels with Laura. I absolutely recommend this book. Well done!"

Travel_thru_books (read full review here) 

"This is a 10 star rating! This book.... holy hell!!! This book will have you lost from the real world and so tied up in the "real life" of this book! That is the one thing you have to watch with this book is how easily it sucks you in! "

Peggy - 5 stars GoodReads Review